The Map of Innovative Leaders in Education

Since its establishment, in Education innovation Support Center SOL’ we regularly meet the leaders of outstanding innovative projects in the educational sphere. It took us less than a year to understand that one of the major problems on the market is the lack of information: participants of the market, even well-known, do not know about each other and the country does not know about them. The information is either completely absent or it is present on websites or in social media, but it is impossible to find it by the required parameters.As a result, it has a negative impact on the projects as in the absence of clear guidance, they do not see real development prospects. The project leaders feel they are alone in their fight with “windmills”. The same is with parents, investors, regulators …Since 2015, we systematically analyze community of innovative leaders in education tomeet more leaders.As a result of this work, in April 2017 the Map Of Innovative Leaders in Education appeared. Moving from person to person, following their recommendations (a snowball approach), we interviewed more than 300 innovative leaders in education. We build a social graph with 1 000 leaders, found out about leaders perceptions on the main issues, their needs and challenges of educational organizations, leaders of theseorganizations and environment, in general.We presented the results of our research on the dome of Planetarium.Follow this link to find the description of the Map.