SOL’ Contest — Konkurs SOL’

SOL Contest (Konkurs SOL) is the Russian competition that was initiated by Social Innovation Support Center SOL.

Social Innovation Support Center SOL has the mission to bring closer the future in which everyone is enabled to change the reality to improve the quality of life of people and act.

Can people engage in social projects and despite all obstacles make our lives better?

We know the answer! There are many inspired leaders in Russia. We want their number to become even greater. They need to know about each other and learn about other practices that can help them to succeed.

To achieve this goal, we created SOL Contest, the annual selection process for social innovators. It was designed to unite the best practitioners involved in the development of systemic approaches to solve social problem. Practitioners who care about what social changes occur as a result of their activities.

How can society and the participants benefit from the SOL Contest?

The resources that we provide during the competition are investments in social impact. Social impact is a long process, which is built in the following line:

New knowledge and experience:

 During the selection process participants acquire new knowledge and get to know each other.

Target changes in practice:

New knowledge and new friends will help improve participants’ practices both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Social impact:

The development of practices during the selection will allow participants to change the life of the target audience of their projects for the better.

The first Sol Selection Process took place in 2017. The topic was the development of youth empowerment, since the society changes fairly quickly and creates new requirements for the harmonization of man in this world. By revealing the potential of youth, we can create the basis for long-term changes in society and ensure the sustainable socio-economic development of the country.


SOL Contest-2018

The theme was the urban and community development.

The selection consisted of 4 stages:

  • Checking the motivation letter and formal criteria for the project
  • 2 rounds of interviewing with SOL
  • 1 round of interviewing with independent jury team from business.

The main criteria were the systemic approach to solving social problem.

The results:

  • 110 Participants
  • 2 winners received stipends (10 000 euro each) to participate in Ashoka Visionary Program, Ashoka Austria
  • 4 participants had an opportunity to participate in YPO Legacy Mentoring program from YPO Russia,
  • 15 participants were invited to workshop about social entrepreneurs from Pontis Foundation
  • 15 participants were invited to site tour to Berlin, Germany, with Mitoust Foundation.


SOL Contest-2017

  • 65 Participants
  • 2 winners received scholarships to participate in Ashoka Visionary Program
  • 5 participants of the competition had an opportunity to participate in YPO Legacy Mentoring Program from YPO Russia.