About us

Whatever we do, we do our best to change the established balance in the environment. Education today does not meet the current challenges. We help to create conditions in which education is perceived as the most important investment into the future of our society. This requires constant monitoring of what is going on in the country and the world; be aware of the latest trends; close communication with the players in the educational market; support leaders of educational projects to create large-scale projects that meet the challenges of education today.

Professionals from business created a team and established SOL’ to reach this aim.

Jioulnar Asfari, executive director

«I believe that every person has their mission, their purpose and can be a Creator. I have a dream that Education assists a person in their mission and helps them to create the new world. I am part of a SOL’ team because I want to develop interesting projects, instruments, and opportunities for everyone who is looking for affordable educational solutions of high quality».

Andrei Andrusov, deputy executive director
«For me, SOL’ is an opportunity to use acquired experience in the most effective way as I see it – through the impact on educational projects and on the educational system, in general».

Aleksei Maslov, development manager
«Within my first 10 years in business, I worked my way up in marketing and sales to a sales director position and what I realized is that there is sense in working only with people of all ages and their perceptions. Only this can lead to qualitative changes in the society’s standards of living. All the rest derives from this foundation. That is why I am part of a SOL’ team»

Ekaterina Kudryavtseva, project coordinator
«I am in SOL’ because once I realized the values of education and that changed my life for the better. I want that school students had an opportunity to develop their talents, make more informative and better life choices and be happy thanks to effective education»

Maya Fedotova, events manager
«I am in SOL’ because I want people to be happier through interesting, effective, and better education. I want kids and their parents knew that supplementary education is no longer limited to playing on musical instruments and getting ready for the final exams. I believe the term supplementary education should be considered anachronistic and replaced by new formats in education».

Lyubov Koroleva, educational programs manager
«I believe that each person is born to be happy. For me, SOL’ is discoveries, opportunities, and creations».