Vincent Van Gogh as Social Entrepreneur

Can Vincent Van Gogh be defined as a social entrepreneur? And why not? This was the exact discussion of Russian delegation after two November events in The Hague — ImpactFest festival and annual EVPA conference (European Venture Philanthropy Association).  (more…)

Musical, Which No One Saw

On August, 2019 an unprecedented premiere took place in Moscow: immersive musical “Light Inside” with participation of 20 blind people. (more…)

«Textil»: New Life of Old Fabric

In December, 2018 Textil Culture Space in Yaroslavl, Russia hosted international Social Impact Days event; and in July, 2019 Textil’s team succeeded to open «Museum Factory» in the very space of Krasnyy Perekop. Read the story of its creation, recited ...

SOL Contest / Konkurs SOL 2019

Time schedule of the third SOL Contest / Konkurs SOL-2019 has been determined. Contest is meant for leaders, who create sustainable entrepreneurial solutions to social and ecology issues in Russia. It’ll take place from March,1 to June, 12, 2019. Applications ...

Map of Russia Educational Projects

SOL Center with the support of the "Russian School Book" corporation has developed a Map of Russia Educational Projects. (more…)

Social Impact Days. Global

Social Impact Days focus on the immense potential of cross-sector collaboration, challenging the "silo mentality" and offering a creative space for innovative solutions as well as new forms of organisation and interaction to tackle social issues.MitOst about Social Impact Days

SOL’ Contest — Konkurs SOL’

SOL Contest (Konkurs SOL) is the Russian competition that was initiated by Social Innovation Support Center SOL. (more…)