We are managing an investment portfolio of 9 impact companies in education and social sphere. All projects we choose in terms of innovations, social impact and scalability. It is crucial for projects to have validated hypothesis and sales channels.
Smart Course

An educational lab that is developing programs for teens to teach them how to adapt to adult life.

Creative thinking school that is providing courses on algorithms of creating useful things in professional spheres.
Universal University

An university that is providing bachelor and master programs on creative professions in design, cinema making, architecture, and music.

Providing SaaS that is developing the spiral dynamic culture in big tech companies.
Теории и Практики

A platform where anyone can find courses in professional and edutainment spheres. The company is also providing an LMS tool with the marketplace of on-demand courses.
IT Hub

Vocational education school for teens where they study coding.

Online course on IT subjects for middle level coders.
Лайк Центр

Acceleration programms for small businesses.

Uber in recycled materials logistic between retail business and sorting centers.