We do our best to make everyone believe that they can change the life around them to make the quality of life better and they should act accordingly.

ANO Social Innovation Support Center SOL’ was established in 2014. The organization was founded
with the aim to identify and support tools and projects oriented towards the development of social entrepreneurship and impact investing across Russia.

First we focused on education as the key factor impacting the quality of life of future generations.

In 2017 its scope widened to all the social sector.

SOL provides financial and non-financial support to organizations and social entrepreneurs working in the social sphere to provide them with knowledge and competences to being able to serve their beneficiaries and communities in a long run. SOL also has broad experience in engaging business community to support social change organizations.

SOL supports the ecosystem of social entrepreneurs through:

  • continuous search for new changemakers in Russia (mapping projects and contests): 2500+
    changemakers mapped through 650+ interviews (the 2017-18 changemaker mapping project is a partnership between SOL, Friends Foundation and Skolkovo Wealth Transformation Centre with SOL as the operator);
  • communication about the changemakers, their projects and the problems they are facing through events, social media and mass media;
  • organization of networking events: 10+ events on various issues organized so far;
  • impact management workshops for changemakers and their teams: 100+ teams trained at 20+ workshops;
  • annual changemaker contest with education and mentoring programs as the main prizes for the finalists and winners (100+ participants);
  • coaching and consulting support to changemakers;
  • investment in education: 10 projects financed with a total of 5m EUR of private money.

English Publications:

Map of Innovative Leaders in Education

SOL is one of the leading organizations collecting the information about the Russian social sphere and education. SOL is looking for partners for collaborative programs that would support the changemaker community development and impact investment in Russia.

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